Armbury Daisy Chain
Armbury Daisy Chain Armbury Daisy Chain
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Armbury Daisy Chain

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ARMBURY Daisy Chain is a light but strong chain made of Dyneema.  It’s simple to adjust the length by changing the loop.  This is great for mountaineering, aid climbing and caving.

  • ARMBURY Daisy Chain:  105cm, 30g, 22kN major axis strength, Orange/White

The Daisy Chain meets safety requirements relevant to European regulations.

VETERAN OWNED and OPERATED – SGT KNOTS is proud to present our UIAA Certified ARMBURY Climbing Gear!  We have worked hard to bring these exclusive products to the American market, providing the finest quality and prices for our customers.  We are committed to being the best and always live by the motto, Semper Fidelis—Always Faithful.

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