The Armbury Tribe

As we continue to develop clout in the industry by providing the highest quality Rope and Gear our courage and durability will provide the appropriate energy, firmness, and fortitude to maintain a good personal, group, and company happiness and health that will allow us to empower Rock Climbers and Arborists alike to create stability in both their Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Life.

We are a NEW Climbing Rope & Gear Brand that is UIAA & CE Certified and looking to grow our business without the traditional Brick and Mortar Model or Big $$$ Advertising campaigns but instead Reward Social Influencers and the other Climbers who are ON THE ROCK and putting in the time! By helping family, friends, and FOLLOWERS become aware of ARMBURY you will save them $$$ while making $$$ yourself with UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL!




ARM yourself with gear, BURY yourself in the climb.

At ARMBURY, we are all about healthy, freedom, adventure, athleticism and mental fortitude.

The climbing world never being static and ARMBURY is the dynamic force into it.

We achieve this though relentless attention to quality and thoughtful innovation. Utilizing industry standard equipment and materials, ARMBURY has developed a better & more agile process for product production.

We're passionate about climbing and the complexities of working at height and difficult access. We support our customers in these activities by building reliable, high quality products that meet or exceed the rigorous standards for safety assurance.

Climbers will now be able to do the thing they love, together with ARMBURY.


Climbing offers tremendous benefits. It teaches coordination, builds confidence & self-esteem, increase problem solving, planning and decision making ability, communication & listening skills, increases strength (mental & physical), and offers stress relief.

We think everyone should have the opportunity to climb, regardless of age, socioeconomic status or physical ability.

Do climbing.